53% i 547 pm Active now 1105 AM I'm good how are you 543 PM I'm fine thank you I'm from Atlanta Georgia working in financial institution also a trade analyst engaged in all form of crypto and Forex trading And you ? A O 1 52% A 550 pm Active now trading And you ? I'm a business woman from queenstown New Zealand Okay It's really nice connecting with you Why I have an amazing earning offer for you As I am a business woman I would be happy to hear your pitch however I require a deposit of $24NZD per pitch This can be paid via PayPal Once you have paid I'd be happy to go over it with you e Aa 49% i 601 pm Pos Active now I want to offer you an opportunity of earning consistent weekly return But if you want to throw it out it's cool removed a message Again you will need to deposit the funds before I can consider the offer Would you like my PayPal address? Big No 49% i 601 pm Pos Active now I do not need to beg you to consider what I'm offering you It's a choice if you're not interested it's cool and you're not supposed to be giving me conditions If i want to help me then it's up to me to decide not you giving me conditions of helping you before you could consider what i have for you + It's a system I have created to determine if an offer is legitimate if you make a decent amount of money you will happily pay the $24 it's really not much money If your offer isn't any good you won't be able to afford to pay the $24 It works very well Aa Big No Meme

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