56% I GH Vodafone 3G 856 AM IGH Vodafone 3G 856 AM 56% Notes Notes March 1 2018 at 855 AM #Worst ThingDone Part 1 The moment he woke up I left his place I got pregnant and knowing him he 1 I had dated this guy for some years went ahead to do the right thing to ask for my hand in marriage because he and deep within me wanted to marry him He loved me too but he wasn't sure didn't want to raise a child outside marriage We've done Eight 8 years whether or not to settle down We were already as husband and wife I love the both ready to settle and spend the rest way he treats me as his wife I love the of our lives together However he was being unreasonable Then my intuition way he loves his kids I love the way he drew my attention to certain sudden loves me He calls me so many times in changes He was chattingseeing day to check on me He helps me cook clean and train the kids He allows another girl A very pretty lady My chances with him were becoming slim me so much time to rest so I drugged his drink one night at his home with Ketamine I had as much What I did may have been wrong but it got me the result I needed And it unprotected rides sex with him as I brought out the best in him too I love could and then cleaned him up my husband and I will do anything to The moment he woke up I left his place make him realize that I got pregnant and knowing him he Gria Found this gem Meme

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