59% 1140 Replies Fight Tyranny 1 hour ago @Patriotstream Media He is literally perpetuating the same exact agenda as his predecessors rife with a cabinet full of criminal swamp creatures Goldman Sachs and PNAC ziocons He just signed a bill that awards amnesty to anyone sponsoring may sponsor ives in a household with or mav potentially live in a household with an unaccompanied minor which not only opens our borders to anyone with a kid it also incentivizes criminals to simply snatch a kid from South of the border Hes openly saying we need more immigrants than ever to work He did however sign off on sending our tax money to pay for lsrael's big new concrete wall And sorry to be the bearer of bad news but catch and release is alive and well my friend httpshostedaporgarticleed3d7 5ce348d4be3bc7fdf02bc43e1d6us -resorts-expanded-catch-and-release migrants-surge Home Trending SubscriptionsInbox Library 2019 Ignorance runs rampant as Americans who generally agree with enacting policies similar to Trump's official policies claim that Trump is actually doing the exact opposite of those policies as they strut around on their High Horses on Moral High Grounds What do we do with these psychotic plebs? Meme

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