5h Sh 4G 41% 1441 1 41% 1441 41% 1442 4G Today 1107 am Lemme takeu out Why tho eachothers yet lol We get food and chill We don't know eachothers Omg Hahaha What's your sc? Gimme one day and you'll see lol Today 104 pm Inih a Idk why your being rude Hahahahahaha And we won't be Sorry I'm just happily single that's all Not interested sorry We haven't even seen eachothers yet lol Omg See your just being rude U wouldn't even have convo Gimme one day and you'll see lol I'm not listening to that firstly I would like someone who speaks proper English secondly your hounding th life out of me it's not attracti I'm not interested sorry gooc luck all the best I'm not interested sorr And we won't be day ke if Send message Send message II CD Guy cant take a hint Meme

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