614 PM ill T-Mobile %cup sliced fresh chives or green the vegetable broth and salt Bring all of that to a boil then covrt and reduce the heat to a simmer Let that go until the potatosan tender about 15 minutes onions 4cup chopped fresh dil 3 When everything is good and soft you're going to want to the fuck out of it You can let it cool for a bit and then add t to yor or you can stick your immersion blender right in there and get that shit down in a sec Do whatever you can Once the nice and creamy add it back to the pot if you took it outi addow pepper and warm it back up Stir in the chives and taste tand pepper if you think it needs it That shit is on you Diss salt and soup up and serve with about a tablespoon of the fr Tasty and classy About 1 Dound heyane ahole nsteot cut them comes loose ond siks to the bottom Droint Made the Potato Leek soup sooo tasty!!! And so quick and easy sister Oh good Mom Damn tasty soup Dad With the soup leaking all over the place how do you eat it? Drum role Roll Text Message Dad joke at its finest πŸ˜‚ Meme

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