615 E Matt Matt Sat Jan 19 841 AM all of my exes have been amputees finally a man who has what I need yeah does this mean we can finally fistfight? Yeah and I also have a penis! Is that all I am to you oh uh this isn't gonna work out I'm sorry I'm allergic to genitals A fucking punching bag Mines actually hypo-allergenic Ok let's do it ah one of those fancy purebred dicks see Sat Jan 19 950 AM I mean the other option is we get married or both Sat Jan 19 1036 AM I've got the papers and everything on Whatever works long as I can brag to the boys that I fisted a girl ugh my #1 and #2 kinks are being fisted and being knocked the fuck out is it well trained though? I know so many purebred dick owners who don't bother to keep their dicks in check Well what do you know Oh it understands discipline I have two hands baby l beat it almost every day GIF Type a message GIF Type a message My bio says looking to either get married or fistfight Meme

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