619 Non-white men should rise up against the racist dating hierarchy straight women put upon us Venting If you are a non-white male you have to work several times as hard to get a date than a white man of comparable attractiveness even from women of your own race This is a blatant injustice I can't stand for any longer I refuse to support any form of women's rights including the right to vote until straight women as a group renounce their disgusting racist prejudices against men of color and I urge all of my non-white brothers to do the same 1 Share Vote Award No pussy for you buddy boyo if you are an ethnic Join rCelouts or better httpsincelsco Come over let's all rot in peace together Reply Vote I'm sorry but no one owes you their pussy fuck face You don't get to decide that that's more important than voting But also what ass backward cave do you live in? Women can vote most everywhere I'm aware of So Reply Vote 18m Are you a non-white man? If not then shut up Add a comment Because no woman would date me so they shouldn't have the right to vote or to do anything else Meme

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