6-201+2 Abs a - hypsin cos tan CL ENG CLR DEL AC 7 8 9 DEL AC Now if you type 621+2 in the calculator this answer will show up Which is exactly the same if you type this If you want an answer of 9 you should use brackets as it will be prioritized prioritized se 62 C2+1 Now you're saying but PEMDAS blah blah your calculator is wrong blah blah Let me show you another example As you can see above the calculator calculated the operations from left to right which means it followed PEMDAS or whatever you want to call it Now let's use brackets 23+23 See it prioritized the multiplication on the right by using brackets I just learned from the post that many people don't know how to use a calculator Apparently knowing how to use a calculator is an ability we should not take for granted One simple mistake could lead to different outcomes This is vital especially for people who eat math for a living Don't blame the calculator if you don't know how to use one A calculator is just a tool it is still up to the user to input properly if they want a proper answer outcomes Thil ita It is about using the calculator Meme

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