635 PM a broadlyvicecom o Sprint LTE Broadly C DATING The Girls Who Use Grindr Callie Beusman And Mitchell Sunderland св OCT 22 2015 830AM Straight women are cruising gay male sex apps for hookups and it's even queerer than it sounds Photos by Sam Clarke For women who are interested in men online dating can often suck This is a fact that's been documented extensively in articles in blogs and in wildly popular social media accounts It's also one that several new dating apps have pledged to solve including Bumble Hinge and Siren For Adriana DiGennaro however the solution was far simpler than that just download Grindr f SHARE TWEET slimecourse discourseful revolutionarygays this is undoubtedly the absolute worst thing i have ever read with my own two eyes i’m ready to die now straight girls trying to hook up with men by invading gay spaces qeerer than you think… sometimes i forget that straight women are just as homophobic as straight men Meme

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