653 il LTE dad just told me that someone stole 86 bucks out of his wallet today so if you happen to hear somebody brag about finding or stealing money today let me know I was going to use the money to buy a atv trailer for a hundred bucks and I already had it sold for $450 and I starting an up trade so I could get us a car but I'm not not gonna be able to recoup that loss without breaking the promise I made when I we came back from Kentucky which was use violence or anything else illegal because he needs me around So to the guilty party I just wanna tell them I offer a deal of complete forgiveness but if I have to go find it blood will be spilled but I won't kill I'll do much I wil torture you psychologically till you beg me to kill you and in that moment you will do it yourself Like Share Comment All over 86 bucks Meme

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