66 Leftist Heaps 241 vent time at each n occur is either at a teller leaves to find the event 3 13 15 6 r the departing omer waiting If the time when g to happen e we place the the customers fgure 619 A d-heap There are quite a few ways of implementing heaps so that the running N We will now discuss three data structures of various complex- e need to find ing to happen ext departure a merge e erge operation efficiently We will defer any complicated analysis until hat suppo he simulation running time g each event 66 Leftist Heaps dificult to design a data structure that efficiently supports merging that is pro- in oN time and uses only an array as in a binary heap The reason for time for equal-sized heaps For this reason all the advanced data structures that ing require the use of a linked data structure In practice we can isis that merging would seem to require copying one array into another which would d Like a binary heap a leftist heap has both a structural property and an ordering prop- ny Indeed a leftist heap like virtually all heaps used has the same heap-order property queues ae except that apect ht this will make all the other operations slower imum ofd we have already seen Furthermore a leftist heap is also a binary tree The only difference ithm This xween a leftist heap and a binary heap is that leftist heaps are not perfectly balanced but inary heap deleteMin mes are of anualyattempt to be very unbalanced idefine the null path length npof any node X to be the length of the shortest path 0 n the tree in Figure 620 the null path lengths are indicated inside visions to increases 661 Leftist Heap Property heaps are possible lly there to per es lo a node without two children Thus the npl of a node with zero or one child is path length of any node is 1 more than the minimum of the null is children This applies to nodes with less than two children because the emory the ree nodes Notice that the null pah lengths o lif property is that for every node X in the heap the null path length of least as large as that of the right child This property is satisfied by only ees 1nFigure 620 namely the tree on the left This proper y actually goes llpath length of nul1 is -1 The leftist bheleft child is at eration k ap asl Damn didn't know Hillary had a group of priority queues as supporters Meme

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