6 hrs I honestly believe ALL GUARDIAN ANGELS are Black They are!!! We had a guardian Angel last night in the CCU Her name is Whitney and she wa That woman was PRECIOUS to us She was a sister in Christ and I thank God for her Does anyone know her?? I don't know her last name but she was like a sister to us!!! Sweetest Kindest little lady you'd ever want to meet in your life l've had encounters with Real Angels before TRULY I'm not kidding Miraculous Holy Ghost Encounters And every single time they were always Black I think Black is one of God's favorite colors!I know it's one of mine I have pictures and Angel figurines in my home and YES they are black Because every Angel I've ever seen was Black I THANK GOD for the love He has given HIS CHILDREN for each other Red yellow black or white we are all His Children and precious in His sight And we soooodo desperately need each other!!! CCU Nurse All guardian angels are black Meme

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