6 years ago everyda rgaming 6 years ago everyday I would come 324k home excited to build with my friend WouldYouKindlv1 One dav he disappeared and have never played minecraft the same way again Stumbled upon this photo in my computer and was really experiencing that sad nostalgia This was one of the cities we made in the game ireddit posted to gaming 9 hours ago by you rGrandmasAnus 1483 comments sorted by best quatazz 7102 points 9 hours ago + AsapTRK 3566 points 3 hours ago auraysu 789 points 5 hours ago + WouldYouKindly1 362 points 28 minutes ago Sx2 Hey I'm the guy from the title and I wanted to say that I feel really bad for just disappearing My life got quite busy and I simply couldn't find any time to continue playig hours of Minecraft everyday I should have texted you more often and I hope that you can forgive me for my behaviour Roland How i call u yourGrandmasAnus I miss those old times where we just built all kinds of stuff and had a lot of furn together Now I actually have more freetime and would really like to get back to play Minecraft with you This post surprised me a lot and starting to play with my best Minecraft friend would be a great start into 2n1gi This just barely happened on rgaming and it warmed my heart to see Meme

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