6 years ago everyday I would come home excited to build with my friend WouldYouKindly1 One day he disappeared and have never played minecraft the same way again Stumbled upon this photo in my computer and was really experiencing that sad nostalgia This was one of the cities we made in the game Gmig Video Games WouldYouKindly1 ⑤ 3画。 59m Hey I'm the guy from the title and I wanted to say that I feel really bad for just disappearing My life got quite busy and I simply couldn't find any time to continue playig hours of Minecraft everyday I should have texted you more often and I hope that you can forgive me for my behaviour Roland How i call u yourGrandmasAnus I miss those old times where we just built all kinds of stuff and had a lot of fun together Now I actually have more freetime and I would really like to get back to play Minecraft with you This post surprised me a lot and starting to play with my best Minecraft friend would be a great start into 2019! PS I stumbled upon this post by looking at all I made this Account some time ago but most of the time im not logged in and just a regular lurker Thank you all for sending me messages to look at Rolands post! Man finds his old friend 6 years after they stopped playing together with the help of reddit 6 years later reunited by Reddit Meme

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