60r3d0m made the mistake of reading up about Alexander the Great's relationship with his best friend Hephaestion and learnt that he was kind of a drama queen because after Hephaestion died he spent maybe 15 billion dollars on his funeral which is a conservative estimate spent all night weeping over the body until they dragged him away extinguished a light only reserved to signify the death of the king ie himself Alexander the Great went to the oracle and petitioned to have Hephaestion granted the status of a god but was denied nine months later was still planning expensive monuments dedicated to his pal except then he died so what can you people say the only thing that ever defeated Alexander the Great was Hephaestion's thighs there's so much more W O W inkdw Best Friend earthpodd History trying to tune down the gay be like This friendship lasted throughout their lives and was compared by others as well as themseves to that of Achilles and Patroclus without realising that's the gayest comparison they could make joyfulboi1979 Live in bro kyubeythespaceferret Diogenes @ alexander yass kween u get ur mans i have a folder in my phone dedicated to diogenes called diogememes and i save every diogememe i come across Meme

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