61% 2209 Beitrag Hey everyone can you help me out? Can you like and retweet so it can get more attention and more importantly YouTube can see my tweet Also you can leave a comment or thoughts about it Thank you so much Also thank you all for your cheerful comments on my previous post Really means a lot to me SLB vor 2 Tagen SLB SomeLuckyboy @SomeLuckyboy My channel just got demonized the reason What the hell?! completely Reused Content How? Every single video of mine have been edited by myself Every single one of them There has to be some sort of mistake @Team YouTube Can someone help me to contact with them Idk what to do Monetization Account status Currently ineligible for monetization $ REAPPLY Your channel does not comply with the YouTube Partner Program terms You can reapply to join the YouTube Partner Program in 30 days on Jul 6 2019 Learn more Here's why your channel wasn't approved for monetization What this means Your channel will no longer earn money from YouTube including revenue from advertising YouTube Premium subscriptions and other monetization products like memberships Also your channel's videos will lose access to cards and end screens Before you reapply 708 PM 6 Jun 2019 21 Retweets 96 Likes JAY LI 21 22 96 Trends Start Abos Aktivitäten Bibliothek Youtube is demonetizing this compilations channel with almost 100k subs because he is reusing content although everyone that sent clips to him made it specifically usable for him Yt now wants him to add a facecam or a voiceover on his vids so he can get monetized again which is really dumb Meme

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