62 LTEt 11 51% 252 PM rAskReddit 2h uWemie1420 What is something you always carry with you no matter where you go? Why? 1 44 129 Share BEST ubillbapapa 2h When my daughter was 3 or 4 years old I took her to Chuck E Cheese When it was time for her to pick out a prize she asked me What is that ring you wear on your finger? So I explained it was from Mommy and it was a promise that Td always love her So she proceeded to pick out a plastic ring as her prize then she handed it to me and said Daddy can you wear this ring as a promise that you'll always love me So of course I've never taken it off Reply uPM ME YOUR TATERTOT 1h When I browse reddit at work l'm not looking to get hit in the feels You're a good man 1 17 Reply ubillbapapa 1h Thanks I try pretty hard when it comes to the family I'm really a lucky man u122333444455555 2h You're a good dad 1 24 Reply Right in the feels Meme

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