63% 0032 HINELRE he woke up with his eyes widening from terror 2329 he was being raped by steve 2330 steve?! He screamed at the top of his lungs 2331 Steve looks me in the eyes with a glint of insanity there is no turning back now 2332 he closes his eyes and keeps trying to think this all a nightmare but then 2333 he actually woke up 2333 He was still in disbelief when he actually jesus standing at the end of his bed 2334 Saw* 2334 Jezus said i put you into that nightmare to prepare you for what is about to come to you 2335 No do not let it end up like this again ill stop you even if it means using my hidden power! 2336 John unleashes a massive liad of a combination of shit and piss onto jezus 2337 Load* 2337 Im sorry father it had to be done i know youre watching me from the heavens He said under his breath 2338 meanwhilejezus is slowly getting up from the pile of diharrea and piss while john is monologing 2340 na ha ha! You fool you think you could defeat me that easily this is just the begining take this! MEGA CUMBLAST 6 MILLION! 2342 john expecting every move uses his girlfriend as a defense It was super effective she gobbled up al that cum in no time 2343 Shes a whore 2343 Gha?! How?! If only women had rights so she could be asked for consent first?! 2345 john knew jezus would try to rape him at night so he prepared and made women servants again He is the ruler of this world 2346 You deleted this message 2347 You deleted this message 2347 not only did he make women servants again he did the absolute forbidden HE ALSO LOWERED THE AGE OF CONSENT OVER THE ENTIRE GLOBE! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JOHN said jesus while still unwillingly and unstopably nutting on a underaged girl 2350 john wasn't only a pedo he was also a necrophilliac This meant that all women were killed the moment john became the great ruler 2352 jezus was nutting on a 6 year olds corpse 2352 its over jesus youre not in charge anymore with the power of ruling over everything in my left hand and the will power i inherrited from my father hitler in my right It was no longer visible who was the enemy at this point 2355 john ripped the soul from jezus' body and became god 2356 with jesus no longer existing john opened the netherportal and reteturned to his master 2358 *U choose the master 2358 STEVE 2358 it wasnt a nightmare it was a dream 2359 TODAY ssage was deleted 0000 Ssage was deleted 0000 essage was deleted 0000 You deleted this message 0000 This message was deleted 0000 steve ive done it ive slain jesus himself what objective art thou ordering me now master 0002 you must assasinate god himself john You must ascend 0003 but i think im god now are there more? 0004 there is an infinite amount of universes A multiverse as you would say You need to kill them all 0005 aight im heading out he said while leaving thru another netherpotral he arrived in 0006 C-137 the universe of rick and morty 0008 Some really really improve fic me and my friend cane up with very nsfw Meme

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