6h Sorry this seems to be a shittier-than-usual time for you *hug* 3 Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to Thanks Not super fun right now 52318 132 AM 13 Retweets 238 Likes 5h Replying to @elonmusk and I'm just gonna put this out here for those who want to support Elon & Tesla but can't afford to actually buy one U can buy $5 of stock with Stockpile They let you buy small amounts Imagine if only 10% of Elons following bought $5 of Tesla Its US only tho thegestianpoet kosmonin pregnantseinfeld ask-neoliberal-onceler readsettlers imagine being a multi millionaire and still sadposting on twitter fndjrkdjjrrj what a loser ASGHDHGHFJD does elon got a ko-fi??? is he alright??? What a dipshit I FEEL LIKE IM LOSING MY MIND??? IMAGINE BUYING $5 OF TESLA STOCK BECAUSE YOU THINK IT’LL CHEER UP ELON MUSK!! HELL WORLD! Meme

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