6s A BETTER ENVIRONMENT FOR US ALL A Concerma about the environment are growing We cm all recycle waste and redace the sumiber day by day Acconding so a recent survey peopie in of tige we make in the car by wallking cycling or the LiX are beconing increaningly worried about taking poblic tranapert instrad eneironmental ls and global warming Ar s polution is top of the ist but aspects such as waste management and the polbution of our seas However perhaps the most important ue affecting our envirosment is climate change The buning offom fuels in ars power s tations and industry emits gases such as carbon diexdide C0 nto the atmosphere Acconding to eaperts these gases contribute to long-term climate change in the UK these changes can afflect us in a complex way Winters are likely to become wether and C Solving global and national eswaroameral problems means taking action locally So helping to look ater your local enxtrutment is very important Yogan do this in diamat ways w can an use fewer reaounces at home and work A Text about saving the environment we got in school is a giant waste of paper Meme

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