712 PM Let's do way too many shots have sloppy drunk sex and never speak to each other again is this what you want? It might be! I won't actually know unless until I meet you This is so us Isn't it though? TBH I almost swiped left but for some reason I'm drawn to you and I longed for our deep intimate conversation omg same we must meet I feel like we could have an amazing relationship For like 3 hours I'm sure we'll find tons of common ground and fall in love within 3 hours Then have sloppy sex Then never talk again Or maybe you'll text me in 3 months when you're having a dry spell And have forgotten that I puked on you and that my bed is covered in dog hair yummy puke play and dogs Sign me up ur so naughty Well all right then! Let's plan this date I can't wait for you to stand me up! idk what it is about you But I'm gunna find out Are you though? 745 PM I'm busy tomorrow night And possibly Saturday night When are you free? How about we could be each other's backup plan for Saturday and if not then Sunday? I like that It seems right doesn't it? let's keep it causal causal with a little bit of puke I'm not promising puke BTW oh What can you promise ? A terrible time fair enough Am I crazy? Maybe we should just smash it out? Hes in my post history Multiple times Meme

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