734 facebook Two words GUT HEALTH says For the first time in 6 years my autistic son spoke to his pediatrician today!!!! that they needed to see the change in him guess for themselves They asked me what I was doing differently I said just giving him a good #probiotic They were quiet they looked around and then replied can you please tell us more? Sure! Here is some information that actually works unlike the #Miralax you have been prescribing for the past 4 years But he is talking and not screaming or throwing fits I am learning that #Autism is more of a digestive disorder that causes inflammation auto immune deficiencies and neurological problems like Autism If you fix their bellies their brains have a chance at functioning properly Number Of doctors going home tonight to do research-3 Speak up parents doctors love this stuff and are looking for a safe alternative to medicine with proven results!!! My aunt sharing how Plexus helps cure autism Meme

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