744 angelrecipe-deactivated20180602 people who complain about dinosaurs not being scary anymore because its been discovered they have feathers and are closely related toancestors of birds are so bizarre like its not about how scary they are they arewere real life animals and what matters is learning more about them not how well they fit into your science fiction horror film lol can you imagine a 13 foot chicken running at you with full intent to eat you??? thats fucking terrifying holy shit roachpatro peacocks are synonymous with vain frivolous beauty and they will attack cars they will attack you while you try to get to your car they're like six feet of useless feathers and they will destroy you imagine if they were carnivorous and had functional spurs a t-rex could look like a gay disco ball and i guarantee that you would fucking book it if it had a problem with you thepioden They could quack for all I care Meme

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