751 AM 0 removedditcom permalink reddit ceddit - herkules_serker 937 points 8 hours ago DUDE permalink reddit ceddit I- UnknownSnow 559 points 8 hours ago This kept me up for hours last night permalink reddit ceddit - Zintoss 330 points 4 hours ago The answer is Yes However I'm black and have an afro I could easily mold it into a bowl's shape able to fit a small tower computer or a laptop I could literally launch the ball forward with my head after holding it like that permalink reddit ceddit - carbon771 120 points 3 hours ago I find your examples of computer and laptop hilarious permalink reddit ceddit - deleted deleted by user 1 point 3 hours ago deleted permalink reddit ceddit YOU HAVE BECOME THE VERY THING YOU SWORE TO DESTROY You were the chosen one Removeddit You were supposed to show deleted comments not remove them! Meme

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