754 AM Q Searclh This is what happened to Gunner's leg after trying the parents choice pull ups His pediatrician did confirm that he has a chemical burn Please don't buy these pull ups!!! Every one please share thus post so that parents can be warned 9 2 Share News Feed Requests Messenger Notifications More trebled-negrita-princess r-the-kawaii rosexxxblack wanderingobsidian These are giving babies chemical burns!!! Please reblog and spread the news to not buy Parent Choice diapers due to them having harsh chemicals that harm cause terrible burns to little ones like this So I’ve used the Parent’s Choice brand wipes and diapers on my son before they literally melted his skin off After about 2 minutes after contact his skin turned red hot and started blistering We were able to get an emergency visit with his pediatrician but he still has scars where the wipes and diapers burned him over 2 years later This brand is AWFUL How it’s still on the market? I have no fucking clue but do not EVER EVER EVER gift these to someone with a newborn or small infant The wipes actually have alcohol in them I tried using the leftover wipes on my own ass and ended up with a nasty rash Err on the side of caution and go with a smaller pack of pampers or huggies or even get a cheap starter set of cloth diapers ToysRUs sells a small econo pack for $15 but DO NOT use these diapers There’s no worse feeling than seeing those scars and knowing you inadvertently caused them by making a careless purchase BOOST TO BABY HAVING FOLLOWERS WTF!!!! O_O Meme

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