7%915 PM i 434 E 005 X Replies 2 years ago edited Notice how the WWF changed it&#39s moniker&#160to WWE turn the E the other way &amp you have WW3 I check CNN daily &amp it&#39s obvious they are setting the stage for WW3 with ChinaN Korea RussiaIran &amp of course the US UK empire which is allied with Israelall by design The world is run by one shadow government called the Committee of 300 The Rothschilds &amp Rockefellers are part of that government The Rothschilds own a central bank in almost every country of the world including the US Federal Reserve they have funded every war since Napoleon on both sides of the conflict They funded Hitler who was helped to prominence by Prescott Bush All wars are for population control &amp profit but wW3 is for mega death I have a friend who worked at DARPA on the HAARP project so l know for a fact climate change is a sham Using HAARP frequency technology they are geo engineering the weather They use billions of watts of frequency to create hurricanes tornadoes drought brutal winters &amp they are causing tsunamis volcanic activity &amp earthquakes If you don't believe this technology is real then you are ignorant & naive The elite have an Agenda to reduce the world population from 73 billion down to 500 million the per Georgia Guidestones They want to have a Luciferian one world government NWO The last 4 presidents have used the term NWO in their speeches so this isn&#39t just a theory The Rockefellers own Big Pharma which controls the Healthcare system that is really a Healthkill system It is well documented that vaccines don't work Jonas Salk admitted his Polio vaccine caused thousands of people to be infected with Polio millions of people who receive a flu shot come down with the flu within a few days of the shot Vaccines contain aluminum& mercury formaldehyde&#160 endocrine hormone disruptors aborted fetal cells &amp many other toxins Back in the 60's children got about 5 vaccinations by the time they were 5 now babies are injected with 25 doses by the time they are 6 months old Autism ADHD Alzheimer Paekinson's Epilepsy MS Brain Cancer & other neurological brain injuries are caused by vaccine heavy metals & other sources including Chemtrails which contain aluminum nanparticles Heavy metal poisoning affects the brainvaccines contain heavy metals! All cancers are caused by toxic overload to the immune system Deodorants antiperspirants contain Aluminum &amp they block the armpit's ability to sweat out toxins so these toxins become lodged in the lymph nodes that are next to the upper quadrant of the breast causing BREAST CANCER but the billionaire owned news media never mentions this fact & neither does the Susan G Komen breast cancer foundation ???? By now you are either awake or in denial? Is there a conspiracy to control world population orchestrated by trillionaire banker royal families ? HELL YES THERE IS 1&#160 Money rules the world ! The same bloodline has been controlling the world from empire to empire They walk among us in the daylight they have children they can&#39t shapeshift but are they blood sucking vampires? Have they figured out how to extend life indefinitely? Do they step on &amp off of the world stage throughout the centuries ? HG Wells is one of them so his books The Island of Dr Moreau &amp War of the Worlds are more than fiction Prior to the flood of Noah's day there were giants called Nephilim so of course their bones have been unearthed so they have the DNA to clone them To stage a War of the World's have to have monsters that scenario you can be passed off as Aliens from other planets Cross hybridize a Nephilim giant with a wolf &amp a winged reptile &amp you create Lycans &amp Jeepers Creepers Reptilians Why not cross hybridize a dinosaur witha winged reptile to create a Dragon? In the Bible Satan is referred to as a Dragon so of course they have created one for him to possess Since Hybrids are not created by God so&#160Satan&#39s Demons can possess them They have been cloning decades prior to Dolly the Sheep in 1996 so for all we know there could be Demon possessed clones walking among us? They Live is more than fiction &amp the new movie Geostorm is based on fact weather control has been in use at least since the 60's & was mastered by at least 1992 Also the movie Soylent Green is telling us what the government will be feeding FEMA Death camp prisoners before they murder themhuman bodies ground up into Soylent Green! All the world's a stag e& all of the politicians actors & celebrities & music stars have made Faustian deals Secret Societies are all Satanic The Illuminati is just a fancy name for Satanists aka Luciferians Governments have spy satellitesdrones all over the skies but they can't stop Al Qaeda &amp ISIS? Both of these alleged terrorist organizations are actually creations of the elite &amp are staffed with military mercenaries Divide us by religion race country fake political parties fixed sports teamsyes pro &amp college sports are rigged by the owners coaches refs & key players do what they are told to by the owners Welcome to the Grand Illusion of Democracy where your vote means absolutely nothing MONEY RULES! 26 2 years ago They showed us the movie San Andreas so no doubt they will HAARP the San Andreas fault line & they can bring Arctic conditions to New York just like in the movie The Day After Tomorrow There has never been an Read more I just wanted to listen to the police Meme

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