7 points 48 nutes ago Ignorance is indeed bliss isn't it? Unless you are red-green colour blind messing with the HUD colour is monumentally stupid And if you change it to red or blue you are totally ignorant a well Blue and red are awful colours for the human eye to read blue especially as there is a lack of blue receptors in the focal area of the human eye This is why artists learn very quickly that A good blue is hard to find and why when you are looking at something very blue it will appear even MORE blue if you look 10 degrees away from it Much serious work has been performed over many decades to establish what the best colours are for human comprehension in terms of foreground and background colo ur Red on black is the worst colour to read followed by s blue on black Both has a significant loss of comprehension and players using coloured HUDs are likely to be taking 20-30% longer to extract information from the HUD The highest comprehension colour scheme of all is pretty much exactly what FD have included as default in the game Now don't get me wrong here FD are not geniuses who magically hit upon the ideal HUD colours for the game NO far from it The are as ignorant and stupid as the developers of Star Citizen who hilariously chose the exact wrong colours for their game's HUD but because SC had already taken BLUE FD very naturally went to the exact opposite side of the colour wheel to create their HUD Fortunately that decision resulted in THE BEST POSSIBLE HUD COLOUR Change it if you are stupid or red-green colour blind But if you are smart leave the thing alone because all you do is fuck yourself Got it? permalink embed save report give gold reply 6 points 26 nutes ago You never go full retard man permalink embed save parent report give gold reply 2 points 18 nutes ago This is one of those times where someone thinks they're much smarter than they really are permalink embed save parent report give gold reply 2 points 16 nutes ago It's like one of those intentionally douchey troll accounts but it's his actual personality permalink embed save parent report give gold reply 1 point 13 nutes ago The real sad part is that what he's saying he truly believes is factrelevantimportant permalink embed save parent report give gold reply THE BEST POSSIBLE HUD COLOUR Meme

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