70%717 PM X Replies USE HEADPHONES 目1 Add a public reply Curby Andre 14 seconds ago Old Town Road What is real to you? You are watching this on phone computer in real life If this isnt real to you what is? Well real means it exist so this means this video is real but what if it wasnt that should mean it shouldnt exist and how does that happen? By deleting the video BUT the video still existed atleast 8D AUDIO at some point it was real because things in the internet dont just disapear they get deleted and the data that thing had gets saved so what you have to do is cut that point in timeor just simply forget i because things cant disapear bdcause of time time is inevitable there is no way to avoid it even physically time is un ending so the best way is to simply forget it so what is real and not real? Well how are we sure we ARE 237 204 #LilNas #BillyRayCyrus #OldTown Road Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus Old Town Road Remix 8D AUDI0 2497275 views + 53K Share Download 16K Save real is the question we should ask reality is confusing and life is also confusing everything we ever learn comes from life life started in Trillion 8D Music SUBSCRIBE Trillion 202M subscribers Published on Apr 9 2019 pace an empty vaccum but its not empty its full of particles including earth and thats real thank you and goodnight Lil Nas X ft Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road Remix 8D AUDIO Submit Ur Demo Label httpsbitly2J14B0A Waht is a madlad? Meme

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