70mph 77mph 70mph 77mph SPEED LIMIT 70mph 77mph 70mph LEGEND You're fine 77mph We are all speeding along together You drive up onto my ass at 100mph and start swerving in and out of both lanes thinking you can pass me or ride my ass at a very unsafe distance to the point that if an animal runs onto the road or debris falls off a vehicle you'll rear-end me when I brake unexpectedly You expect me to slow down 7 mph and merge in between two vehicles already traveling at an unsafe distance You finally get around me only to realize there are a DOZEN OTHER CARS IN FRONT OF ME ALL GOING THE SAME SPEED You continue your process until you unsafely try to pass all the cars You post how you hate slow drivers on the net 77mph 70mph 70mph The absolute worst type of person via rfunny httpsifttt2nwSor8 Meme

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