732 61 Share Award serefsiz 1h Let's pay her the ticket What's your paypal? Reply 76 librarianofthefuture 1h I agree! 26 baltinerdist 1h And my axe! Seriously OP we've gotcha 23 withmanda 39m Omg seriously? You guys are making me cry I can't even make my rent this month because of the tickets back and forth are about 850$ each My PayPal is paypalmeamandaisvirtual Any little bit would help so much 40 serefsiz 27m If it doesn't cover at the end I will cover the rest But I think reddit will do a great job! 22 withmanda 24m Oh my god You're incredible I'm sobbing I haven't found my flight back yet I jumped on a red eye one way to get here I am overwhelmed by the kindness Thank you so much 24 countrylemon 19m Focus on your dad and reddit will help you figure out the rest when you're ready to go 12 aholdy 32m Thope your pops makes it through Having a terminally ill mother it's nice to see people sacrifice for their family in scary moments! You hang in there!!! 18 withmanda 29m Thank you so much ! He is a really strong southern man He refused to go the hospital for the first few days he hates to show weakness He literally woke up >> Reddit doing its part! These Reddit users trying to help a girl who flew home to see her sick dad in Georgia from Maui! I just love when we come together! Definitely smiling! After ugly crying watching the video lol Meme

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