733 points 4 hours ago Buddy in high school had a geo metro Took 5 of us to pick it up and move it 4 could still do it but just for shorter moves like turning it around or moving it to the other side of the parking row 5 of us could pick it up and move it across the parking lot pretty easily Or to the middle of the baseball field Or to the playground Or sideways in a garage It took 8 of us to get it up and over a fence DONE HIDE AROOT PARENT 31 points 4 hours ago Similar story only with a Honda CRXwe never tried to throw it over a fence though 5 points 3 hours ago* I'm calling bs on that one Edit bs on lifting the metro over the fence 16 points 3 hours ago That'd be a little silly to be making up But sure bud You're entitled to your opinion 3 points 3 hours ago Was talking about lifting the metro over the fence 22 points 2 hours ago A geo metro weighs about 1800lbs That's 225lbs per person if it were perfectly distributed Between the front and back end that weight is likely 70% front 30% rear Putting abount 1200lbs in front and 500lbs in rear With 5 people in front and 3 people in rear to pick it up that would only be 240lbs per person in front and 160lbs in rear per person And they likely strategically lifted the vehicle over the fence together as it sounds like they had quite a bit of practice moving this poor guys car to horrible places lol What's unbelievable about high-school kids lifting a car over a fence as a prank? Meme

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