809 PM ooo AT&T Back 147 ben So I hadn't really had a serious relationship before jasmine Like l dated but it was never serious and never really lasted long so I just assumed that everything she did was the best it was going to get But then I met grace Han you have no idea This girl First of all she shares my values she doesn't smoke drink we all do occasionally she's not a slut and she has the general same sense of political views She's smart with a 41 GPA she plays softball which is a baseball players dream I've liter allv called her un and Message 29% Details Manders Caspari now Message literally called her up and asked her to throw with me and she drives over just to throw She's romantic she's affectionate but knows there's a time and a place for everything Everything she does makes me smile from her stupid little blonde moments like when she thought the Eiffel Tower was in Italy She's fucking amazing l don't know how else to say it we can stay up until 3 AM talking about Everything from our favorite colors to why the sky is blue to how we think we're going to O i Message Back 1490 ben die We were on the metro and for 45 minutes we sat and made up stories about how people we saw on the train met While the other couple with us was hooking up we just sat and laughed with each other and honestly that was one of the coolest things to me Not to mention she's just drop dead model gorgeous I mean she has the curves and that makes any guy happy but she's naturally pretty I think I've seen her WITH makeup on like 5 times mean her eyes just light up when she smiles she gives me this Message Details alexis tortorella now Message makeup on like times mean her eyes just light up when she smiles she gives me this look when I say something stupid but she likes it and my heart skips a beat every time because I know I did something to make her happy She could honestly be doing homework and I could not stalker like because of just how beautiful she looks in whatever she does Wow that was long idk im so fucking happy oh my god O i Message THIS IS HOW A BOY SHOULD TALK ABOUT HIS GIRLFRIEND Meme

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