828 f PewDiePie's Editor Says People Had Refused to Work With Him Over His Link to YouTube King 1551 14072019 Swedish blogger Felix Kjellberg better known to the world as PewDiePie has amassed nearly 100 million subscribers on YouTube and a trail of scandals including anti-Semitism accusations As his partner in crime of many years revealed he has to share this burden with him PewDiePie's editor Brad has shared how working with one of the biggest YouTube stars impacted his life in an interview with the Metro It's a weird double-edged sword because sometimes it's fun and sometimes I can monetise that But then sometimes l'm just treated like PewDiePie's customer service! the man who has been with the Swedish vlogger dubbed the King of YouTube since 2015 said Brad describing himself as a sarcastic nihilist and a cynical old man revealed that he does not really see PewDiePie's almost 100 million subscribers on YouTube as individual people He suggested that otherwise he would be crippled with anxiety Pass this to PewDiePie Blogger Meme

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