@ 833 PM 30% 4 il AT&T LTE I really hope you're able to get out of this pyramid scheme before you lose too much money! Stop 22 mins before it's too late Admin delete if not allowed I apologize I'm a brand new Pure Romance Consultant Like Reply 4m and would love to help you host a party! You get to have a super fun ladies night free items product of your choice and an exclusive discount for the first 5 parties booked! Any questions please feel free to pm me or comment I can also add you to my VIP group for the latest freebies and product appreciate your advice but I'm very aware of how this business works and what I can do with it I'm more interested in the fun aspect and allowing other women a fun girls night out with some amazing products than making a boat load of money making someone else happy is my main goal releases You're Invited A pure romance consultant lying to themselves big time Meme

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