856 hrs 7 parties so far for February -Over $10000 in retail sales - Over $5000 INSTANT PROFIT for 20 hours of work - $250 an hour This is a PROOF shot of the money that was deposited into my bank account for my parties Thursday - Saturday When people ask if you really make money doing what you do YESI DO!! #PureRomance isn't a multi level marketing company we are a MAKE YOUR OWN LEVEL company! This is a company that's out there helping women and relationships in a safe and fun environment! We do parties so you can have fun with your girls relax and laugh for a change of pace We are on a mission to educate empower and entertain and I am BLESSED to be a part of it and support my family YOU can have all this and MORE if you work hard enough - Just ask me how! You never know unless you TRY So glad I took that chance! Meme

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