8 6 5 3 4 gold-from-straw angelicpaintbrush coelasquid thiocyanat coelasquid satanpositive How to tape up your hands before a fight Useful reference? Let’s go beat someone up! But no seriously does this prevent pain or something ? What do these bandages actually serve ? It keeps your bones aligned to prevent injury compresses soft tissue to make the fist more rigid and pads the knuckles Skull bones are sturdier than hand bones and even if you know what you’re doing there’s a high risk of damaging your metacarpals if you punch someone barehanded It’s why they recommend if you find yourself in a fight unprepared to bunt their nose with the butt of your palm because if the other person tucks their head and you end up hitting their forehead instead it’ll do a lot less damage to your palm than your knuckles Tumblr teach’n you how to fucks someone’s shit up I’ve never wrapped my hands for training but yeah if you punch even the tiniest wrong it hurts like hell especially with hyper mobility So yeah heel of the hand is good! Meme

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