8 COMMON RESUME MISTAKES THAT WILL KEEP YOU FROM GETTING YOUR DREAM JOB 1 Drawing a watermelon at the top and writing STICK THIS UP YOUR BUSINESS 2 Giving someone a leather pouch instead of your resume Nobody wants your wrinkly pouch 3 Under 'Qualifications writing Allmyteeth point north That is impossible Don't put it 4 Under Skills writing Witch bending Iam good at bending witches at the knee and showing them who is boss do you know who is the boss Iam the boss That sounds braggy Revise S Under Mental Health writing Totally jacked Why do you even have this section? Erase it 6 Using your parent's resume Don't try it You are not a Nancy Bobbins from Pensacola 7 Getting a baby in a red hat to distribute your resume Nobody will say Wow this resume is bad but Jesus Christ that baby was cute let's hire this doofus Actually never mind This will work 8 Spraying the resume with your natural scent To attract dream jobs A sour mist A tang No DO YOU LIKE MY RESUME? OH You MEAN THIS LEATHER POUCH NO I DON'T I DON'T LIKE IT AT ALL LORD BIRTHDAY if you don't have your dream job yet then maybe this is the problem? art drawing illo illustrations ink sketch humor comedy cartoon instaart kunst modernart cartoonist contenporaryart instacool mood comics job career Meme

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