8 hrs if you voted for trump please just do me a favor and unfriend me clearly you don't care about me and millions of other people and l'm trying to get rid of that type of negativity in my life!! k thanks bye Like Comment Share I would just like to know what we voting for Trump has anything to do with me loving you Like Reply 6 hrs I do not love you any less but by voting for trump you are supporting a candidate that actively wants to take away my rights as a woman and as a minority Like Reply 2 6 hrs Do you really think your father or I would even let that X happen I have daughters too I wouldnt let anything happen to any of my family it's nothing to do with that at all the reason why I voted for Trump I voted for Trump because l couldn't vote for Hillary because of her policies for abortion I Like Reply 6 hrs nmn You're always welcome to call me and Ill do anything you want with you as far as this goes butt I had to say that I voted for Trump that I don't love you that's totally in left field that is not the reason it is my right to vote for who l want and I voted for who I want for the reasons because I can't vote for Hillary Clinton I can go over it on the phone with you as to why I don't want to write it out Like Reply 6 hrs Sorry if this isn't coming out correctly I'm trying to read over everything but I'm driving so I don't like to text while l drive so I have Text-to-Speech or speech to text Like Reply 5 hrs Write a reply memehumor Text to Speech or Speech to Text Meme

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