-8 points 2 days ago I selected high class because though yes my family incidentally falls within the 1% the high class category better seemed to capture the effect my socioeconomic and cultural situation has on my perspective I'm from an austere bookish traditional aristocratic environment with comparatively little interaction with the broader culture I fall into an aristocratic deviance that the response does seem to help to categorize Incidentally I had to select I don't know wherever it was an option You took the LSAT right? The responses contained a lot of extra information that seemed to come from nowhere Why is taxation of income an issue regarding the legality of paid pornography? I would assume like all income including criminally derived income which you can simply report to the IRS and pay taxes on without declaring its source like the majority of criminals do would be taxed So I selected the must be taxed option though I don't know that they must be because I don't especially support the current way of things and am open to an infinite hypothesis space if the set of all things not cruel or dastardly is infinite Also regarding whether the Federal government or the State should regulate pornography I mean how is someone responding meant even to begin to form an opinion? Clearly whichever is the most efficacious and creates the greatest possible moral good It can be assumed that no Southron may be entrusted with their own self-governance because their moral system is too degenerate but where would I even begin to reason about pornography in New York or Massachusetts being Federally or otherwise regulated? No data is provided Also is the legality of paid pornography even controversial? Reply Share Report Unsave Give Award Meme

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