8 yrs Female DSH Tabby Magical Toes RESCUE #Wryldt Toes ynotToes #WhynotToes Would you like to take one guess as to why my name is Toes? Because I'm extra special and a polydactyl - no I'm not a type of dinosaur I have extra toes- I'm pretty sure that gives me magical powers status! Besides that I'm a pretty chill kitty who likes to take things slow but is very affectionate loves laps and relaxing I'd really prefer a calmer home with an experienced cat person that someone special who will understand my quirks and accept me for who I am Don't we all want that? I can be a bit sensitive to my environment so a kid and dog-free home is best though I don't mind other kitties So what are you waiting for? Go find out more about me and my magical toes at Seattle Area Feline Rescue! Yours truly -TOES 😻 #WhynotMEpets #adopt #sharingiscaring #polydactyl Healthy Paws Pet Insurance Pet Connection Magazine Meme

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