80 FACTS FOR 80 YEARS ODH HistoryoftheBatman HistoftheBatman BATMAN BATMAN 80 YEARS 80 YEARS 1980 FACT #42 1980 Marv Wolfman and George Perez revamped the Silver Age Teen Titans led by Dick Grayson's Robin Evening Gothamites! Fact number 42 in HistoryoftheBatman’s HOTB80 is that in 1980 MarvWolfman and GeorgePerez revamped the Silver Age TeenTitans and debuted The New Teen Titans with DickGrayson’s Robin leading the young superheroes cover panel by Perez and DickGiordano presented In 1980’s DCComics Presents 26 panel 2 by Perez Giordano and AdrienneRoy with Robin in the lead with WonderGirl and Kid Flash the insert was so popular it spun out TheNewTeenTitans issue 1 in November 1980 introducing characters such as Starfire Cyborg Changeling aka Beastboy and Raven The year 1980 also saw introduction to characters like TheCrimeDoctor in DetectiveComics 494 panel 3 by JimAparo and TatjanaWood and LenWein gives an updated background on BruceWayne’s journey to becoming theBatman in the 3 issue arc ‘The Untold Tales of The Batman’ panel 4 Next we will have fact number 43 for the year 1981 as part of our ‘80 Facts For 80 Years’ celebration!✌🏼💙🦇🎉 Meme

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