81% 0702 Things just transpired in my house hold that are equal parts offensive and hilarious Here goes So my roommate Dale has a gf who does not live with us but she's here all the time So Sunday when my gf was her we were on the couch and we kissed scandalous I know and she saw it and I'm pretty sure that's the first time she's seen us be affectionate that's neither here nor there So today she tells Dale she's uncomfortable here and wants him to move out because she thinks me and my lady are going to hit on her or something she doesn't like living with lesbians cause it's not normal so now I'm pissed Then Dale goes well you don't live here so it shouldn't be a problem just stop coming overthings escalated and Dale is trying to break up with her but she won't leave our house she locked herself in Dales room So Dale barges in my room wearing a bathrobe and goes call every lesbian you know we're smoking this bitch out! Then turns around and whips his robe like a cape And that's the story of how there are 8 lesbians climbing through the window Dales room Holy shit How to get rid of homophobic people who refuse to leave your home Meme

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