82% To the younger ladies and feminists the ones my age and older really don't do this but it gets me going You want to be treated like a equal man Yet when your monthly friend comes around you want special treatment Hahaha fuck that get to work Special treatment fucking funny Like Share Comment I don't know of any woman that wants special treatment because she's bleeding from her vagina for a week I mean why would she want that? It's not like men have to deal with anything remotely close to that I mean debilitating cramping vomiting bleeding so heavy that she passes out from blood loss no way should a woman get special treatment for that Look they want equal treatment then why do they use it to get out of work Our mom's didn't do grandmas so forth didn't it's bs Like Reply 18m You can have an opinion on it when you bleed from your penis for a week at a time Like Reply Just now Write a comment GIF 3 1 Stitch It! Self confirmed nice guy giving some highly sought after advice Meme

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