85% 1228 httpswwwmcdvoicecom 1 Customer Satisfaction Survey The following information is optional and for demographic purposes only Please indicate your gender Female Male Prefer not to answer Please indicate your age 18 to 24 25 to 34 35 to 49 50 to 64 65 and over Other or prefer not to answer Do you have any children under the age of 13 living in your home? Yes No Please indicate your annual household income Under $25000 $25000 to $44999 $45000 to $59999 $60000 to $74999 $75000 to $99999 $100000 or more Prefer not to answer Please indicate in which of the following categories you would place yourself Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander White or Caucasian Black or African American Asian Hispanic or Latino American Indian or Alaska Native Other O Prefer not to answer Next 93% Complete SMG Privacy Policy SMG Terms of Service Privacy Policy ADA Accessibility 2019 McDonald's 2019 SMG All rights reserved McDonald's customers may participate in up to five surveys per month per restaurant Powered by SMG McDonalds survey asks for demographics when you give them good ratings AND say they are your favorite restaurant so I always give them the same info by MightHaveMisreadThat MORE MEMES Meme

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