85% 357 f X 63k Share Few years back crazy jackass drove through downtown Austin shooting up buildings with an ak Cop holding his horse with his left hand killed the dude from 2 football fields away with a pistol Or so the story goes 804 Reply That is quite possibly the most Texas thing I've ever heard $862 It's also a Texas sized story Pistols don't have an effective range much past 50 meters Two football fields is 18288 meters This would mean with one hand he would also have to calculate the correct upward angle to shoot and hit the target By the time it reaches the target the bullet would lose velocity and stray from a straight path Without much velocity even if it was a lucky shot the bullet wouldn't do much damage Source US Naval Gun school specializing in weapons 50 caliber and smaller 10 I made up the 2Hell it could have been 20 yards That said there are witnesses to him holding the horse and shooting a hip shot at am impressive range $Vote VIEW ALL COMMENTS Add a comment Bullshit Gun Physics! Meme

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