8th July 2019 My cousin posted this in response 12th Sep 2019 4 mins httpsyoutubeIC5IsemxaJo No Rules Selling Site 10 Sep at 2036 Calling all network marketing peopleare you happy with your current role? would you like to work where there are no targetsno quota's and you won't get hassled to make sales eitherin In 40 days I'm looking for big changes the office fact you'll get welcomed into a fantastic company if you're interested send me a message or friend me on Facebook Michael's Pyramid Scheme The Office US Like Share 'You know what Toby When the son of the deposed King of Nigeria e-mails you directly asking you for help you help!' Season 2 Episode 19 'Michael takes t OComment Like youtubecom 9th of July 2019 Not spoken to him since start of august at this point 20th Sep 2019 he sent me this on FB I didn't even ask 3rd August 2019 - We both got this message I responded again trying to be nice! 57 mins You asked why I blocked you well think about the comments you made on the last few posts I put upyour comments completely outraged me because all my Mighty good pricesnot to be missedgo for it!! I have deleted your comment from fbl have looked into what I'm doing and this is not a scam pyr- amid selling is illegalcompanies been running for 27 years without any problemsso kindly do not comment on my posts anymore HOSEASONS friends would read that and think why does his son criticise him so often to think that my own son would Semer eaks Frece &Itdly fram A0 total mce put comments on without even finding out what I was doingbut of course you have never called me or spoken to meit was was always me that contacted you! To set the record straightI'm working part time for a company that has been going for 27 years and is abta registeredso it's not a scam and if it was mlm then what's the harm to that because it's as mlm as tescoyou E470 7Nights E509 7 Nights Roma Apartment E510 7Nights Chalet Confere E529 E530 work you get paid big timethe person at the top gets paid small time for what you do When you get you're finger out of your add and realise that I am your fatherthe one who was part of the people who gave you life treated you with love and respectbut you've now lost my respect I thought that both your mother and I had brought you up to say nothing if you didn't have anything nice to say but it seems you've forgotten that lesson Another thing about the company in working for is that they supply a legacy income from any regular sales I createthat means that you'll benefit from what I'm 0659 E550 E570 7 Nights E571 E599 Enter message E620 3rd August 201 £639 FCVS6 7 Nights E659 Nights FOR MORE DETAILS PLEASE ASK INSIDE OR CALL US TODAY anditions apprhe prices aed above de net include personal inurance or trai ae sjt o HOSEASONSCOUK All pris ae jt to change doing Enjoy your life sonI'm sure you'll get on well but guess you'll be doing it without meseeing as you never contact me that is! 0748 a 96% 30th July 2019 I didn't ask why you blocked me I know why Enjoy your cult! I am a Plannet Marketing rep I am doing this to secure my future Would you like to take a look at the link and maybe join me in this great adventure MI PlanNet Saturday 3 August 2019 I have deleted your comment from fbl have looked into what I'm doing and this is not a scam pyramid selling is illegalcompanies been running for 27 years without any problemsso kindly do not comment on my posts anymore ot the same having seen the sun rise on the other side of the world 1 0700 MOBILEPLNT1COM Check out this amazing new opportunity! Check out this site! You deleted and blocked me from fb last week so how could I comment again? At this point i commented and said nicely that he was in a Pyramid Scheme Within a few hours no response he deleted and blocked me on Facebook It's a MLM which is similar to a pyr- amid scheme except your not required to build a downline to make money Ssomeone sent me more screenshots The issue is you'll never make any decent amount of money without recruiting other people 2nd August 2019 These companies prey 2 hrs 当 View all Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business doing what you want to when you want towell there is a way travel with mepm me for details I didn't call it a scam But it may as well be 1 0748 It's not it's a good company with lots of benefits and it's not a scam how can a scam be abta registered? 1 0750 Because it's not doing anything illegal That doesn't mean it doesn't prey on people Everything I've seen you say and do so far is literally what everyone in an MLM does and says Younique itworks Herbalife 1 0756 Enter message 1 2 O 1 comment and a few texts is all it took for my Dad to disown me Meme

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