900 AM She has breakfast in bed followed two hours in bed listening to the radio read ing the newspapers which she invariably left scattered over the floor' and chain-smoking 1100 AM She gets into a bath run for her by her lady's maid Noon An hour in the bath is followed by hair and make-up at her dressing table then she puts on clean clothes - 'as one would imagine of a Princess she never wore any of her clothes more than once without having them cleaned' 1230 PM She appears downstairs for a vodka pick-me-up 100 PM She joins the Queen Mother for a four course lunch 'served in an informal manner from silver dishes' with half a bottle of wine per person plus 'fruit and half a dozen differ- ent varieties of native and Continental cheeses Tyler McCall @eiffeltyler Princess Margaret's schedule circa 1955 is going straight to the vision board Meme

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