907 PM forumsquare-enixcom all T-Mobile Wi-Fi 08-02-2016 0225 PM t 28 Please let us adopt the orphaned Miqo'te girl! It seems the going theory is her parents are the Miqo'te lovers mentioned in the Sun Bear Sun Bear What Do You Eat FATE For those curious the FATE description reads It is said that once a sun bear acquires a taste for the flesh of man it will eat nothing else Two missing Miqo'te lovers who were last seen in the Answering Quarter an area now overrun with violent sun bears suggest that taste has already been acquired It's so sad to see her wandering alone all over Idyllshire Discussing her with a friend we thought it'd be great if the Hero of Light could adopt the tragic youth Maybe after a short quest line we would obtain an item to allow us to place her as furniture the the FC estate or personal house Give her a chance to grow up R Kelly RP Btw Meme

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