912V Tweet Shaunie Easton TashBaeless So you just start talking to a guy & you're getting food so you ask if he wants & he says no but his mom does am I wrong for IS our mo I don't play when it come to my mother l'm good I'm on my way ght I'm outside Your mom food is $16 So How what that mean I have to pay you for getting my mother food I'm not there I left to go get her food It's cool l'm good Enjoy ya night Yeah you do You know what I don't need it I'll go get her shit myself My nigga so you made me waste my money to get your mother food for what ???? Cause you bugging the fuck out Like that's real corny and extra Well I already paid for it so you can I told u I'm good 700 AM 102417 Twitter for iPhone 3575 Retweets 8270 Likes Long Shot @disorderedstar 102417 Replying to @TashBaeless Him nah I'm straight But my mama hungry Tweet your reply Offering food to someone you talking too but when they say they mom wants food instead they said no Meme

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