913 1 Yeah we should but it really when we don't even share a class or even lunch It was back in 6th grade It was fun* MARISSA Yeah I kinda m iss hanging out МЕ MARISSA МЕ I'll try hi whenever I see you tho to say MARISSA Yeah l'll try toobecause every time I see you try and you always walk fast Imao But it's all good МЕ K good Aight cya tomorrow MARISSA lght well gn sleep well and I'll see you tomorrow and do you go to the cafeteria in the morning because I do ME Sure I'll try to go there in the morning MARISSA lght well gn and sleep well Send a chat So I was taking requests on things to draw to put on snap and this girl asked me to draw something and I said yes then she got in my opinion a little too excited about it more info in comments Meme

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